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Our free app is an easy way to keep an eye on your drinking - it's also the perfect partner for our online DrinkCoach sessions

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The drink tracker allows you to monitor your alcohol unit consumption, calorie intake and spending on a daily basis, building a picture of how much you’re drinking over time.

Drinks can be personalised with values (units, calories and cost) to match what you actually drink.

You can also see a seven-day summary to give a snapshot of the last week – sometimes seeing how much you’ve spent or the equivalent of how many cheeseburgers in calories you’ve drunk can motivate you like nothing else can! You can share your summary over social media or email to show off your progress or get encouragement from your friends.


Record messages from your 'sober-self' to keep you on track, including time- and location-based reminders like “remember your goal to keep it to two pints max at after-work drinks tonight,” set to go off at 5pm on Fridays or when you’re at your local pub.

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Record hangovers, cravings to drink, arguments and accidents to get a better understanding of how your drinking affects you.

These are displayed in your drink tracker so you can see how your drinking is linked to, and maybe causes, negative events (this is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques) which you can use through the app to help reflect on your drinking.


Set and share goals to help you stay on track – you can set a target for a day, a week, or a month which can be either unit, calorie or spending based (e.g. drinking less than 1,000 calories in a week, drinking less than £20 in a weekend, or staying dry for January).

You can share your goals over social media or email and your goals are displayed in your drink tracker, along with a reminder when the goal period finishes and whether you achieved your goal or not.

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Manage cravings and feel calmer with our short mindfulness videos. Our videos are narrated by a mindfulness expert who will take you through mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, and urge surfing.

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