Our online coaching sessions are a professional, convenient and confidential way to discuss your drinking and receive guidance from an alcohol treatment specialist.


Bookings can be made at a time that suits you, including evenings and weekends, with the sessions happening in a place that suits you as well – all you need is a Skype connection.


At the end of the programme, you should have reduced the amount you are drinking (either to lower levels or by cutting it out altogether, depending on your goals) and already be noticing physical and emotional benefits from reducing your drinking, such as improved sleep and energy levels, weight loss, reduced anxiety and better relationships.

In addition, profits from DrinkCoach are reinvested into our local face-to-face alcohol treatment and recovery services in Haringey, London – so by helping yourself, you’re helping others, too.

Improved sleep

Higher energy levels

Weight loss

Better relationships

Reduced anxiety

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Each coaching session costs £55, with payment online via PayPal at the time of booking – book your coaching session now.

The profits from DrinkCoach coaching sessions are reinvested into our local face-to-face alcohol treatment and recovery services in Haringey, London.


A standard programme consists of up to four coaching sessions and up to two follow-up sessions, delivered over Skype by a qualified alcohol treatment specialist. The sessions are an online form of brief treatment based on motivational interviewing techniques used in standard face-to-face alcohol treatment.

Each session will last approximately 40 minutes and will review your current drinking levels, explore your relationship with alcohol, help you set your desired goals and then support you to achieve them.

Once you’ve made a booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us and an introductory email from your DrinkCoach which includes a workbook covering some of the tools we use and requests some administrative details.

40 minute sessions

Review drinking levels

Explore relationship with alcohol

Set desired goals

Support to achieve goals

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Mental Health Nurse of the Year - Mark Holmes


With over 13 years experience as an alcohol practitioner, Nadine provides specialist counselling via our DrinkCoach online appointments and face-to-face as a key member of our Haringey Recovery Service.



“It feels like a safe space – you can terminate the conversation at any moment. I felt I wasn’t intruding on anyone’s space or time.”



Although before the first session I was inevitably very nervous, I found almost immediately that talking via Skype was very easy and intuitive. I found that I was able to fit these sessions into my busy life.



“I strongly believe that had I not had access to the service, that I would have given up early on in the process and that I would not have progressed to where I am today.”


It feels like a safe space...


“I found the service excellent. It was good to talk to someone who really understood alcohol and drinkers. I have had counselling in the past but I found these sessions much more useful and of practical help.”



“Really happy with the service. It has helped so much and [my DrinkCoach] has been just brilliant. The only downside to using Skype is that I can’t shake his hand in thanks!”


It has helped so much...



“The main appeal was that it was easy; I didn’t have to go anywhere. For me, it was the only option, when other options weren’t available.”

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Here’s what people who’ve completed DrinkCoach coaching

sessions have told us


Very easy
and intuitive...


who really understood...


It was easy;
I didn't
have to go anywhere...


Would not be where I am today...



“I believe that even though the sessions were online, I felt that I developed a bond of trust with the alcohol worker.”


I developed a bond of trust...


Hannah, 29, works full time in marketing. The drinking culture at work meant her alcohol consumption gradually rose to the point where she was drinking most evenings with colleagues, as well as at weekends with friends.

Contemplative young woman, looking out window in London

One night she fell over while drunk and fractured her wrist. Accident and emergency staff found she had hypertension and told her that her alcohol use was high. Hannah had never thought of herself as having a problem with alcohol. She considered traditional alcohol treatment or visiting her GP, but was worried about taking time off work and people finding out.

Having searched online for help, she accessed the DontBottleItUp website and completed the AUDIT alcohol screening test online; Hannah scored 19, suggesting she was a higher risk drinker (regularly drinking twice the advised limits and potentially causing harm).

She then began DrinkCoach online coaching sessions with an alcohol worker via Skype. Although nervous at first, Hannah soon felt comfortable talking about her alcohol use and appreciated the informal setting.

After six sessions, she completed treatment with her drinking falling to a lower-risk level (meaning that she was now drinking within the advised limits and at lower risk of any harm).


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