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Check out Catherine's story to see how she uses the DrinkCoach app in everyday life to help her #DrinkDifferently.

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“It feels like a safe space – you can terminate the conversation at any moment. I felt I wasn’t intruding on anyone’s space or time.”



Although before the first session I was inevitably very nervous, I found almost immediately that talking via Skype was very easy and intuitive. I found that I was able to fit these sessions into my busy life.



“I strongly believe that had I not had access to the service, that I would have given up early on in the process and that I would not have progressed to where I am today.”


It feels like a safe space...


“I found the service excellent. It was good to talk to someone who really understood alcohol and drinkers. I have had counselling in the past but I found these sessions much more useful and of practical help.”



“Really happy with the service. It has helped so much and [my DrinkCoach] has been just brilliant. The only downside to using Skype is that I can’t shake his hand in thanks!”


It has helped so much...



“The main appeal was that it was easy; I didn’t have to go anywhere. For me, it was the only option, when other options weren’t available.”

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Here’s what people who’ve completed DrinkCoach coaching

sessions have told us


Very easy
and intuitive...


who really understood...


It was easy;
I didn't
have to go anywhere...


Would not be where I am today...



“I believe that even though the sessions were online, I felt that I developed a bond of trust with the alcohol worker.”


I developed a bond of trust...

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